I’ve just managed to come up for air after the excitement of our very first Wellness Retreat last week. Oh my, a yogi friend of mine had said it was going to be hard work and she wasn’t wrong! You know what though? It was so much fun. 
We could not have chosen the fab guests we had and all the sessions had great feedback. I know, you think I’m just saying that but from comments such as “... what a fabulous experience.. everything from arrival, to the therapists and to the amazing hosts” and what about this comment “...really good yoga sessions, very interesting talks and friendly therapists...” and my personal favourite, “...Very good food (yes, that was underlined) and amazing hosts”. Makes hard work worth it doesn’t it? Yep, I’ve been walking round in a warm glow... 

Naturally heated days 

Talking about warm glow just What is the weather over here in France doing recently??? Two nights ago, we had the noisiest, blackest thunderstorm that I have ever seen! I’m sure the ‘haha, just washed your car, have you?’ gremlins had a hand in the torrent we experienced that night. But, I for one, am looking forward to the equator rivalling temperatures set to arrive in the next few days. I may regret saying that but, for me, as an accommodation provider, the thought of topping up my solar panel meters, being able to line dry the numerous bedding and towels and being able to enjoy seriously long, naturally heated days is a win-win in my book. 


Well, now that I’ve surfaced, best sort my priorities and sift through the paperwork that I’ve ignored for the past week .... hmmm, now where’s my sun hat? 
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