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So, what is the social etiquette for greeting people we’ve just met now? Don’t know about you, but elbow bumping is not for me. 
En France, how are they coping without slathering kisses all over everyone they meet? I can well remember on a visit to France, my son’s amazement at young lads of his own age - about 12 at the time - voluntarily kissing not only the aunties and uncles they were meeting but also boys of their own age! OMG, what was that all about? 
Just going off on a tangent for a moment; have lipstick sales taken a dive recently? Not as if we need to replace our MAC Ruby Woo any time soon… 
Being up close and personal with strangers or mere acquaintances isn’t really an English thing. Us English, when on holiday, marvel at the open expressiveness of say, the Spanish and Italians, but perish the thought of greeting our own contemporaries with such ermmmm… enthusiasm, lol. 
The best we can expect is to experience some kind of meagre recognition. I personally get giddy with excitement when a shop assistant actually makes eye contact when accepting payment for goods I’m purchasing. Can you imagine how I would feel if that same assistant took the effort to say ‘have a nice day’ like our American cousins are wont to do or even ‘Bon journée’ like our French neighbours? 
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