I like keeping fit. I love travelling to different countries, to different parts of the country, experiencing different cultures, eating different foods. I combine the two by ensuring that wherever I go, I will actively look for either a hotel/apartment/accommodation that has a gym, access to a gym or is close to a gym. Now, not everyone understands my passion and I can attest to the fact that I have one girlfriend in particular who probably thinks I am a tiny, little bit obsessed... 
The idea of exercising, or most forms of strenuous activity, 6 days out of 7 fills her with a certain creeping dread. Saying that though, she relishes her walks with her pooches, rambling for miles through field and forests to imbue them with the daily dose of the fresh outdoors. 

Man's best friend 

Digressing slightly, I read recently that in a survey of more than 2000 dog owners, ‘man’s best friend’ fared better than their human other half. Just under a third of those asked admitted that they would rather spend time with their beloved doggie than their significant other, lol. Now, I don’t know about ‘significant other’, but I know for a fact that that girlfriend I mentioned would happily drop kick me out of the way to get to her cuddly canine! 

Cats, budgies, rabbits, tropical fish 

But how did the moniker ‘man’s best friend’ come about? Or more importantly, why isn’t it ‘woman’s best friend’? I know I’m not a big dog lover - a ‘not as distant as I would like’ memory of what I thought was a friendly pooch who liked me but then sank a jawful of molars into my soft yielding flesh - means that my tentative approach to any four legged barking creature is met with the assumption by its owner that “you don’t like dogs, do you?” And aside from that, in my home as a child, there was always a menagerie of animals - cats, budgies, rabbits, tropical fish - but never dogs. As an adult, I’ve generally always had a cat as a pet (apart from one occasion when I tried to breed sea snails but that’s another story) and I must admit, they are so much easier to manage, not having to be taken for endless walks, never ‘needing’ company - my current incumbent would disagree, he’s sooo needy of cuddles - and it’s much easier when going away to be able to find someone as a cat sitter without having to take out a small loan to pay for their services. 
So, ‘man’s best friend’ they may be but I’ll stick to my onsite gym for my exercise thank you very much. 
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