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Having taken a few flights in my lifetime, I am firmly of the ‘no recliners’ school of thought. With my finances putting me firmly in the ‘please turn right’ camp as I enter the aeroplane, on many occasions I find myself sharing my limited cabin room with the top of the head of the person sitting in front of me!! Why oh why do people feel the need to gain two inches of airspace - and therefore impinging on someone else’s - by trying to lie down in the seat?? If you really need to lie down, stump up the readies for business or first class you numpty! 

Customer service 

While I’m on a roll, why do some companies bother having a ‘customer service’ department? If you are able to run the gamut of actually finding a telephone number after negotiating the ‘Do you need to contact us? Have a look through our FAQs below to see if your perfectly reasonable question which could be answered by an actual person might actually be on this miscellaneous list’ to then have to feel precious minutes of your life ebb away as you listen to the “while waiting, press ‘1’ to listen to motown, press ‘2’ for classical, press ‘3’ for soul or press ‘4’ for popular chart tunes” aaarrrggghhh! 
Ahhh, I feel better now, thanks for listening and remember, your call is important to me, please call back within office hours... 
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