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This is my birthday month, yayyy. However, this edit should have found me in the not so sunny climes of Copenhagen… 
As per the piccie of my party pineapple, I would generally prefer to be somewhere hot and sunny, partaking of a sunset or two aided and abetted by a cocktail or three so I suppose one out of 3 isn’t too bad in the circumstances! 

Music powers my soul 

And again, when I think about how I want to celebrate my birthday, music has to be a pre-requisite. I literally couldn’t live without music. Yes, it might sound like a cliché but I absolutely and totally adore listening to music. Now don’t get me wrong, I really do not mean every type and genre of music. I am particular (and yes, you can take that to mean very fussy). Whilst writing this, I’ve got Jay-Z crooning in the background and his music belongs in a genre I would never have thought would be in my musical library but you know what? My tastes have evolved into something much more eclectic as I’ve, ahem, matured in years. Although, thinking about it, there are some musical elements that just don’t add up to me. I mean, my daughter sometimes blasts out - and that is exactly how it feels - her take on ‘rock’ music by some artist that she’s discovered. Well, in my opinion, said artist should have stayed undiscovered if that assault on my auditory system is indicative of what he/she has to offer! 

Knock out sounds 

But isn’t it wonderful how music can stir emotions? Movie makers have long ago realised that some scenes literally do not need words, choose a suitably appropriate musical score and a person can be lifted/ inspired/ amused/ scared out of their wits/ moved to tears ad infinitum. How powerful is that? And how many events have been punctuated by a great piece of music? 
The Bond film where the victim is taken out at the beginning of that C flat of the opera piece, the love scene caressed by the dulcet tones of a soprano, the roar of the crowd as the boxer walks out of the ring to the ‘Rocky’ theme tune… 
How utterly wonderful to be able to lose yourself in a truly inspiring, insightful melody, to be able to be totally absorbed in the feelings stirred... oh my, there is absolutely nothing to compare in my opinion. Hey, don’t take my word for it, go dig out that vinyl disc, that CD, your iPod and immerse yourself.... you deserve it. 
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