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First of all, let me introduce myself, Hello I’m Dorn, a wife of 20+ years, mummy to two teen adults and the proud owner/manager of Le Moulin de la Quentiniere. 
Along with the hubby, I’ve owned LMQ since 2007, making it over a decade since we took the drive from our home in Buckinghamshire to the sunny village of Desertines and fell in love at first sight! Yep, saw it, bought it. 
It was a proper wreck when we first signed on the dotted line... Now, don’t get me wrong, out of the four fantastic buildings that are now part of our site, one of them, La Petite Maison was so cute and practically intact – piece of the roof missing on one of the top floor rooms - and it gave us some wonderful family holidays so we were perfectly happy with our dream purchase so it wasn’t until some time in 2009 that we decided to start the refurbishment of the other buildings. 
You can see from the photo, it’s a beautiful location; the tree in the centre was planted by the former owner, a ballroom dancer who had aspirations to run ballroom dancing holidays. La Petite Maison is to the right of the photo and out of all the work we’ve done, the change of kitchen is my favourite achievement. 
CIRCA 2010 
Must admit, me and the OH (other half) have had discussions as to whether knowing what we know now – French artisans not available during the months of July and August, just how much it cost to fix anything, not being able to get what we need 24/7, how difficult it is to learn the language if your head is made of mush (that last bit is aimed squarely at me btw, lol) - would we have bought our little French retreat? Bearing all those things in mind - along with quite a few others that are too tedious to list – our answer has always been a resounding “heck, yes”. 
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On 24th October 2018 at 17:24, Annette Trueman wrote:
Makes me wish I lived closer! It’s looking amazing 👍🏻🙂
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