After waiting all summer to do something more than take walks around our local area, it was with glee that myself and the hubby skipped into our local restaurant to go ‘out, out’. I even put on a dress and my make-up 😉 
It’s amazing how much you miss those normal activities you take for granted; going to the gym without having to book a one hour slot (what can you get done in only an hour??), the stop off for lunch at the pub after an afternoon walk, nipping into the shop to pick up some milk (without having to queue for 40 minutes because they’ve reached their maximum number of people), being able to try on clothes in the shop before buying them… I’ve been pushing the boat out ever since; coffees at the café down the road with my hubby and at least twice with my daughter - I know how to live! 

Lamb potage? Ooh lovely! 

Anyway, I was enjoying a socially distanced lunch with a friend the other day and she said something that made me LOL. 
She had served up a lovely carrot and coriander soup, courtesy of her new soup maker. This soup maker sat proudly next to her slow cooker which she explained had been a godsend with her family being at home all the time and expecting 3 square meals a day. The only fly in the ointment was her picky children. As is their wont, her children had been complaining about the amount of ‘stews’ she had been serving up. 
As she had served the family her lamb stew, her daughter had complained “oh no, not stew again?” “No” my friend had replied, “it’s lamb potage”. “Ooh, lovely” her daughter exclaimed and proceeded to eat it all up with relish!!. 
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