I can’t believe how the weather changes overnight! Two days ago, we were basking in glorious sunshine, actually waking up having already laid out shorts and a t-shirt for the following day and then ‘WoW’ downpours and reaching for our umbrellas, woolly jumpers and gloves!! 
The English are always accused of being preoccupied with the weather – looking at those changes, who can blame us! And, don’t you find that your temperament matches the temperature? When it’s warm and sunny, da daaaahhh, everyone has a sunny disposition. Change that to wet and miserable and guess what? Yep, everyone walks round looking like they’ve been slapped round the face with a wet fish!! 

'Wet Play' time 

Well, my answer to it all? Come and enjoy a stay at our lovely Moulin cos even if it rains, we have a great leisure complex with an indoor pool, gymnasium, games room along with a salon which is big enough to hold over 150 people so why not have ‘wet play time’ (do you remember those from your school days?) and use our projector and screen for an impromptu cinema day, lounging in your pjs with some popcorn? Win-win I think .... 
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