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I can’t believe how the weather changes overnight! Two days ago, we were basking in glorious sunshine, actually waking up having already laid out shorts and a t-shirt for the following day and then ‘WoW’ downpours and reaching for our umbrellas, woolly jumpers and gloves!! 
The English are always accused of being preoccupied with the weather – looking at those changes, who can blame us! And, don’t you find that your temperament matches the temperature? When it’s warm and sunny da daaaahhh, everyone has a sunny disposition. Change that to wet and miserable and guess what? Yep, everyone walks round looking like they’ve been slapped round the face with a wet fish!! 

'Wet Play' time 

Well, my answer to it all? Come and enjoy a stay at our lovely Moulin cos even if it rains, we have a great leisure complex with an indoor pool, gymnasium, games room along with a salon which is big enough to hold over 150 people so why not have a ‘wet play time’ (do you remember those from your school days?) and use our projector and screen for an impromptu cinema day, lounging in your pjs with some popcorn? Win-win I think .... 
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