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Traffic! Yep, the bane of everyone’s life, don’t you agree? But, you know what, I read a funny observation the other day – why do we moan, groan and get angry about traffic? We ARE the traffic! 

Chuck out the negativity 

I set out this morning for a doctor’s appointment 20 minutes early. My plan was to get there, park up and then check my emails and messages. Well, I hit a wall of traffic half a mile down the road so had to back up and change direction. Great, got to the surgery in good time... only to have to spend nearly 10 minutes driving round, trying to find somewhere to park, fgs! 
Anyway, after my appointment thought I’d sort out the problem I’d had logging on to create the appointment in the first place. I’d had to go the surgery, fill out a new form confirming my identity (what was that about? I’ve been a patient there for nearly 20 years!) and then wait for new log on details to be emailed to me. Well, the email came through and guess what it said? 
“Dear Dorn 
Your access to online services has been changed. Log on to your online services account to view these changes. 
This is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply to it. If you have any questions about this email, contact your practice.” 
Now, even I could see that there was a fundamental error to these instructions... 

Smile, it's catching 

Oh well, let’s get on with my day. I’ve got my holiday coming up next week, so I’m getting myself to the gym everyday to get beach body ready. Did a great 65 minute session on the cross trainer yesterday (with the help of a cheesy chick flick I immersed myself into on Netflix) and was super excited to not only repeat my epic feat but also catch up on the exploits of Jenny, Blair and Erin. But, oh no, there’s been an accident on the motorway and it’s causing a tailback of epic proportions which means I can’t get to the gym because there’s a whole load of traffic.... 
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