I had occasion, this morning, to bemoan the fact that I’d gone to the gym. Yeah, go figure… Ok, let me explain.... 

Winter is so NOT my favourite season! 

I had set my alarm for 06:45 with the sole intention of being productive. I was due out for an appointment at 13:30 so my plan was to go out first thing, get a workout done then get back and do a couple of hours work before leaving for my appointment… So, the alarm went off at 06:45 and it was still DARK outside! Oh my, I am so not a morning person! And it was soooo warm and snuggly under my feather duvet… and I didn’t really NEED to go to the gym… and… no, STOP IT! GET YOURSELF OUT OF BED, GIRL!! (yes, that was me shouting at myself, in my head, lol) 
So I jumped out of bed, turning the light on behind me as I went to the bathroom (I just can’t quite face the light from bulbs in the morning so by turning it on behind me, my eyes can adjust slowly…. I know, sad but true). 
All spruced, on went the gym clothes and grabbing my car keys, I headed out the door. (Now don’t hate on me for driving to go and do a workout, it’s too d*mn cold to go out for a run and if I workout at home, it almost seems to takes longer mopping up the sweat afterwards!) 
So, still half awake, I drove up the lane to... traffic!! What?? At 07:28 in the morning? It eventually took me 15 minutes to make the usual 5 minute drive to the gym - I must add that I beat on myself more than once for not staying in bed, humphf! 

My action hero 

Anyway, I had a great workout - while watching a super Jason Statham action film on my phone I will add - and got home to shower ready for a couple of hours working on my website and blog. For speed, I applied a generous dollop of shampoo on my hair and got in the shower... horror of horrors, no water came out!!! Wtf?? Can’t go back to the gym with my towel as I’ve slathered shampoo over my hair - aside from the fact that I wasn’t exactly going to put my walking-to-the-washing-machine-on-it’s-own gym kit and it made no sense to put clean clothes on my sweaty body... hmmm, I’ll give the local plumber a call. 

Moral of the story 

“Yes, of course the plumber could come over and check it out, he’d be over in a few hours”. A few hours??? Are you kidding me? No, that just would not do. Plan B - rooted out the ‘blue book’ we got with the house with all the details of the inner workings. Pleased to say, I was really proud of myself, I actually found what the problem was and was able to rectify it! Crisis averted, yayyy 
Moral of this story? Maybe to check you’ve got water BEFORE applying shampoo?? Hahaha! 
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