Yes, I've just celebrated my birthday this month... Birthdays are great, a time for celebration and a lovely excuse to get together with family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, anyone in fact who fancies a piece of cake, a bit of a dance and lots and lots of bubbly :o) But you don't need an excuse to celebrate life - life is for living, for enjoying, as well as working. 

Celebrations in different countries 

My hubby and I are a day apart in our birthdays – yeah, go figure, we were obviously meant to be – so we always like to have a double celebration wherever we are (and yes, if I don’t get a decent pressie, neither does he, hahaha). For the past few years, we’ve decided to celebrate in a different country to the one we live in so we’ve had celebrations in Portugal, Paris, Brussels, Lanzarote, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona... to name a few. It’s always fun waking up celebrating another year of life in strange climes, doing something different, eating different food, meeting different people. It makes up the rich tapestry of life and adds another experience. 
It’s at times like this, I realise I am blessed, we all are, to have the freedom to do something that pleases us and, sometimes just for a moment in time, forget our daily routine be it the daily commute, rush hour traffic, fake news, the Monday morning hangover... and think about the bliss of nothing much :o) 

Count your blessings 

So take this time with me to count your blessings and revel in those moments.. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me xx 
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