...things that you did yourself as a young adult... 

Being the parent of young adults, I know that there comes a point when I have to realise that, yes, they no longer need me to wipe their noses, comb their hair for them, go shopping and pick their clothes and take them on play dates. However, it is still a shock to realise that they actually have a life outside of the four walls of the family home that involves doing the things that, ahem, you once did yourself as a young adult. (Now, in case you're still pretending not to know/wondering what I mean by that, think of Saturday nights out, experiencing your first (of many) alcoholic drinks, etc, etc... I don't have to spell out any more do I?? 
Ok, so now we're on the same page; a family friend then decided that it would be great fun to play a game of 'Cards against Humanity'. So out came the game while I busied myself with clearing up the kitchen. 
OMG!! What can I say? Let me just warn you now. It is NOT, I repeat, NOT the type of game you play with either (1) your parents, (2) anyone you don't know really, really well, (3) ANY of your neighbours and, finally, (4) your young adult children!! That is all I have to say on the subject. 
Hope you all had a Happy sanitised Christmas and joyeux Noël. 
Staying on my internal Grinch theme, I thought I would share with you the occasion of my Christmas meal for my family and friends. There's a bit of a story to tell so I'll start from the beginning... I toiled and tussled with a gamut of courses and a wonderful feast was served. Once we'd all demolished starters - spicy cauliflower soup with chilli flakes ("so yummy" as a good friend would describe it), Vietnamese summer rolls (thought I'd make use of the skills I learnt on a recent holiday) and vegan quorn puffs (for my vegan brother) - tucked away the main courses - a ballotine of turkey (wrapped in pancetta and stuffed with homemade mushroom pate (have to do something with it as turkey can be so dry otherwise don't you think?)), slow cooked gammon dotted with cloves, baked salmon, roast duck (a perennial favourite in my household), onion tarte tartine (again, for the brother), all served with the accompanying shredded brussel sprouts with red onion, honey glazed carrots, maple glazed parsnips, crispy roasted potatoes (without the obligatory duck or goose fat unfortunately), pigs in blankets, cranberry and apricot stuffing balls, bread sauce and gravy - filled our little dessert tummies - vegan shortbread (now that was a challenge I can tell you) topped with coconut cream and fresh strawberries, Baileys cheesecake (hee hee, none for the vegan brother) and crispy focaccia smothered with baked peach slices and maple syrup - all washed down with copious bottles of fizz, Kir peche, rum and coke and southern comfort and lemonade (for those that still seemed to be thirsty), we were ready for the after dinner party games.... and this is where it got interesting... 
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