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Don’t know about everyone else but I’m scared that when we get out of this pandemic (not looking like that will be any time soon), my feet will be bigger 😳 
unsplash : Christoper Sardegna 

The lovely Joe Wicks... 

I know there are some of you more concerned about your slightly expanding waistline / thighs / bum (admit it, not all of us are jumping about in our living rooms, sweating away with the lovely Joe Wicks) but for me, I’m more worried about my feet. 
Ok, so it’s not like they were petite Cinderella-esque tootsies before - all the more reason for my dread - but not having had the occasion to adorn these plates of meat with any of my lovely ‘going out’ - or even ‘going out-out’ - shoes means that they have become a tad comfortable à la anchor spreadable, if you know what I mean. 

Count my blessings? 

I sometimes wonder how come I ended up being ‘blessed’ with such generously proportioned extremities (at least my hands are a normal size, thank goodness) and I could even tell you about the time, when out shoe shopping, the ever-so-brave shop assistant on hearing the size of shoe required said “haha! Why don’t you just wear the box?” but let’s not revisit that time shall we? 

Tax dodger 

My mum and dad are both of an average size (haha, actually my dad is more of a munchkin now cos apparently you shrink in height as you age (notice I said ‘in height’ cos his belly hasn’t been listening!!)) and my sisters all have ordinary sized feet; indeed, one sister is a quaint size 34/35 and revels in the fact that she can buy her sports shoes in the children’s department (no tax payable so 20% cheaper!!) 

On display 

I’ve been looking longingly at my spiky Louboutins, my birthday Jimmy’s and my shiny Dune heels and wondering whether I should just get some display boxes instead…. 
Every time I walk into my favourite room in Le Moulin - yes, most of you know it’s ‘Le Soleil’ - I’m still blown away by the size of this lovely bedroom suite. The bedroom suites here are not just big, “Spacious’, ‘Huge’ and ‘Massive’ are all words I could use but ‘Very, Very Big’ sums it up nicely. Thinking about it, rather than just put one kingsize bed and a double sofa bed in each of its 5 suites, we could so easily have fit another 6 kingsize beds in every room… each with its own lovely, cloud of memory foam mattress to envelope you to the dreamy depths of a wonderful night’s sleep. 
I love my bed. I love to sleep. Ahhhh. I know it takes me a while to get to bed; I always say I’m more of a night owl than an early bird. My other half yawns at 730pm and will immediately be preparing for bed, eventually succumbing a mere hour or so later! 


One occasion on what I consider to be one of my worse fatigue failures was when, after a full week of exercise classes, I got back after an early morning Saturday class, nipped to the shops to get some food for dinner then after getting home I thought “ I’ll just lie down for a little while” and I promptly fell fast asleep! 
Apparently my other half didn’t have the heart to wake me when he came upstairs wondering where I was an hour or so later to see if I wanted some lunch and so I didn’t ‘get up’ until gone 6pm! Epic fail! I console myself with the empty “oh, I must have been tired, I’d worked so hard all week” but that sounds a bit hollow to me.... I must admit though, it’s not as bad as the time I fell asleep at my own birthday party but that’s a whole other story... 


So, like I was saying, I love to sleep and I find I have my best ideas and musings in those moments just before I wake. Just last night I had several brilliant inspirations for my blog and newsletter, almost giving myself a metaphorical high five for being so imaginative.... but, as is my wont, could I pesky well remember what those brilliant inspirations were once I’d eventually dragged my weary butt out of bed? Could I heck!! I must still be tired, I’ll just put my head down for a while and I’m sure they’ll come back to me... Zzzzzz 
Are you yet at the point where all those 'jokes' about doing away with your nearest and dearest are starting to look ever so slightly appealing? No, then scoll on by.... No, joking aside (am I joking though, hahaha), I've decided to do my bit and try and think of something else you can do while being blessed with the company of those family members locked up, I mean, on lockdown with you.  
I will admit, I’m not much of a gardener. Okay, not much of a shock to those that know me, I’m more of an ‘admire the garden from a distance while sat in a padded deckchair, sipping something chilled’ (and preferably alcoholic, Pimms o’clock anyone?) type gal. 
Years ago I made my first foray into attempting to be ‘at one with nature’ and more hands-on. I planted a sprouting potato - why do so many supermarkets only sell potatoes in bags? I generally only need 4 and end up putting the rest in a cupboard at which point I promptly forget about them and then they disintegrate into a disgusting smelly mush that inevitably one of the family find after hunting down the putrid odour!! Thank heavens for zoflora otherwise I don’t think my family would let me loose on the family food shop again… And as for cucumbers, who would have thought they contained so much liquid? 
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, my sprouting potato.... I bought my bag of fertiliser and a 
planter and padded the dirt around said potato and left it. Within a relatively short time, I had my own crop. WoW! That wasn’t hard I thought, well impressed with my efforts. Okay, I suppose I should come clean and say that the ‘crop’ was about a dozen potatoes all about the size of a garden pea, lol. 

Cannon balls! 

My tomato plants didn’t fare much better either. While my lovely neighbour only two doors away was having to give away cannon ball sized spheres, for me, what should have been 
‘tomatoes on the vine’ looked more like stunted cherries! 
So, like I said, I'm not much of a gardener, but I'm definitely an advocate of ‘find what you’re good at and forget those things you’re not’ so next time I buy a bag of potatoes they will now be used not just for the Sunday roast but also to make a mean leek and potato soup and then the topping of a fish pie…. 
I like keeping fit. I love travelling to different countries, to different parts of the country, experiencing different cultures, eating different foods. I combine the two by ensuring that wherever I go, I will actively look for either a hotel/apartment/accommodation that has a gym, access to a gym or is close to a gym. Now, not everyone understands my passion and I can attest to the fact that I have one girlfriend in particular who probably thinks I am a tiny, little bit obsessed... 
I had occasion, this morning, to bemoan the fact that I’d gone to the gym. Yeah, go figure… Ok, let me explain.... 

...things that you did yourself as a young adult... 

Being the parent of young adults, I know that there comes a point when I have to realise that, yes, they no longer need me to wipe their noses, comb their hair for them, go shopping and pick their clothes and take them on play dates. However, it is still a shock to realise that they actually have a life outside of the four walls of the family home that involves doing the things that, ahem, you once did yourself as a young adult. (Now, in case you're still pretending not to know/wondering what I mean by that, think of Saturday nights out, experiencing your first (of many) alcoholic drinks, etc, etc... I don't have to spell out any more do I?? 
Ok, so now we're on the same page; a family friend then decided that it would be great fun to play a game of 'Cards against Humanity'. So out came the game while I busied myself with clearing up the kitchen. 
OMG!! What can I say? Let me just warn you now. It is NOT, I repeat, NOT the type of game you play with either (1) your parents, (2) anyone you don't know really, really well, (3) ANY of your neighbours and, finally, (4) your young adult children!! That is all I have to say on the subject. 
Hope you all had a Happy sanitised Christmas and joyeux Noël. 
Staying on my internal Grinch theme, I thought I would share with you the occasion of my Christmas meal for my family and friends. There's a bit of a story to tell so I'll start from the beginning... I toiled and tussled with a gamut of courses and a wonderful feast was served. Once we'd all demolished starters - spicy cauliflower soup with chilli flakes ("so yummy" as a good friend would describe it), Vietnamese summer rolls (thought I'd make use of the skills I learnt on a recent holiday) and vegan quorn puffs (for my vegan brother) - tucked away the main courses - a ballotine of turkey (wrapped in pancetta and stuffed with homemade mushroom pate (have to do something with it as turkey can be so dry otherwise don't you think?)), slow cooked gammon dotted with cloves, baked salmon, roast duck (a perennial favourite in my household), onion tarte tartine (again, for the brother), all served with the accompanying shredded brussel sprouts with red onion, honey glazed carrots, maple glazed parsnips, crispy roasted potatoes (without the obligatory duck or goose fat unfortunately), pigs in blankets, cranberry and apricot stuffing balls, bread sauce and gravy - filled our little dessert tumies - vegan shortbread (now that was a challenge I can tell you) topped with coconut cream and fresh strawberries, Baileys cheesecake (hee hee, none for the vegan brother) and crispy focaccia smothered with baked peach slices and maple syrup - all washed down with copious bottles of fizz, Kir peche, rum and coke and southern comfort and lemonade (for those that still seemed to be thirsty), we were ready for the after dinner party games.... and this is where it got interesting... 
I used to love to write letters. I used to love to read books. When I was younger, there seemed to be an abundance of wonderfully engrossing books I could easily devour in one sitting.  When I was a lot lot younger I remember one of THE best books to lose myself in was the Oxford English Dictionary... 
Having taken a few flights in my lifetime, I am firmly of the ‘no recliners’ school of thought. With my finances putting me firmly in the ‘please turn right’ camp as I enter the aeroplane, on many occasions I find myself sharing my limited cabin room with the top of the head of the person sitting in front of me!! Why oh why do people feel the need to gain two inches of airspace - and therefore impinging on someone else’s - by trying to lie down in the seat?? If you really need to lie down, stump up the readies for business or first class you numpty! 

Customer service 

While I’m on a roll, why do some companies bother having a ‘customer service’ department? If you are able to run the gamut of actually finding a telephone number after negotiating the ‘Do you need to contact us? Have a look through our FAQs below to see if your perfectly reasonable question which could be answered by an actual person might actually be on this miscellaneous list’ to then have to feel precious minutes of your life ebb away as you listen to the “while waiting, press ‘1’ to listen to motown, press ‘2’ for classical, press ‘3’ for soul or press ‘4’ for popular chart tunes” aaarrrggghhh! 
Ahhh, I feel better now, thanks for listening and remember, your call is important to me, please call back within office hours... 


Here at LMQ, we would like to assure all our guests and visitors that we are aware that this has been a particularly difficult and frustrating time for us all and that our number one priority has always been the safety and wellbeing of all our guests.  
We want you to be confident in the knowledge that we are doing our part to help our guests stay safe by cleaning and disinfecting especially those frequently touched surfaces (light switches, door handles, cabinet handles, remotes, etc) before your stay with us. We have also put in place a worry free cancellation policy. 
We look forward to seeing you all very soon. 
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