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I’m never very imaginative when it comes to this blogging lark. I often wonder where people get their inspiration from to write amusing snippets, anecdotes that are going to capture other people’s interests... is anyone out there actually reading my amateurish attempts, lol 


It’s always challenging trying to put one’s thoughts down onto paper (well, not literally in this day and age of computers, laptops, mobile phones, apple watches - does anyone actually write stuff down anymore???) I used to love writing long letters to friends, relatives... it was lovely getting a 3-4 pager in the post, sitting down with a cuppa, snuggled into my favourite chair in the conservatory with the sun warming me even if it was pouring down; the beauty of 3 walls of glass. 

Blogging, Vlogging and Instagram 

Anyway, I digress, yes, blogging... It’s the current trend along with vlogging (to the uninitiated, a vlog is a video blog) the way we all like to communicate with a discerning public. Actually, they don’t need to be discerning, just about vaguely interested in whatever it is you’re trying to get across, lol. A great example is instagram. Oh my days, how instagram has captured the imagination! Now you have people who are instagram stars, making a career from putting out posts about the most mundane of things. For example, a friend was recently telling me about an instagram blogger who now has over 2 million followers but started their site posting about cleaning products! A bit like the ‘Mary Berry effect’ (you know how that works, right? Mary wears a certain jacket and it sells out, or she uses a certain product and it sells out... get it?) this person highlighted a certain product – I must admit, it was one of my favourites – and it sold out in minutes!! You can barely get your hands on said product now for love nor money, WTF! 
Oh well, now that I’m on a roll, I could go on forever but there’s a cuppa here that needs drinking and a letter waiting to be read.... 
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