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In this post, we’ll explore some captivating events happening in the beautiful Pays de la Loire region during the month of May. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, a sports lover or simply seeking unique experiences, there’s something here for everyone. 
1. La Réserve by Alice Suret-Canale: 
Date: From March 30, 2024, to September 22, 2024 
Location: Musée Milcendeau in Soullans 
Description: As part of a territorial residency, artist Alice Suret-Canale presents her research & creation at Musée Milcendeau. Inspired by local landscapes, her artwork titled “La Réserve” engages in dialogue with the museum’s paintings. Don’t miss this enriching artistic experience! 
2. Comme un souffle: 
Date: From March 30, 2024, to June 2, 2024 
Location: Musée d’Art Naïf et d’arts singuliers in Laval 
Description: An exhibition featuring works from the Fonds régional d’art contemporain des Pays de la Loire. The theme revolves around breath, flight, air & the intangible. Explore representations & symbolism associated with these themes, from emergence to evanescence. 
3. La Solitaire du Figaro 2023 (May 27) in Piriac-sur-Mer (44): 
Witness the final arrival of this prestigious sailing race. 
An opportunity for water sports enthusiasts to experience a unique moment. 
4. Power Up: Imaginaires techniques et utopies sociales (February 9 to May 11) in Saint-Nazaire: 
Explore the idea of changing society by transforming infrastructure & shifting our imaginations. 
A thought-provoking cultural event. 
5. Jean-Jacques Rullier Exhibition (February 17 to April 14) in Château-Gontier: 
Discover the artist’s preferred mode of expression through intricate & lighthearted drawings. 
An unmissable art experience. 
6. “Flux des mes” by Makiko Furuichi (February 24 to April 14) in Nantes: 
The artist’s work transforms the monumental cellars of Maison Ackerman into a visual masterpiece. 
A unique visual exploration. 🎨 
7. Rol&-Garros (French Open): 
May 20th - The latest news & results from the world-renowned tennis tournament. 
Make sure to add these to your calendars so you don’t miss anything! 
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