I say it quietly and please don’t tell anyone but pizza seems to be the meal of choice in our house these days. And it’s all my fault. Oh my, how did that happen? 
Like most women/mothers/wives I have strived to give my family a healthy balanced diet. 
It started with my mother cooking typical, filling West Indian meals - chicken in a rich thyme infused gravy accompanied by cornmeal dumplings, yam, green banana, roast breadfruit and okra - great comfort food which filled up us boisterous children and gave us plenty of energy for the racing around we did. As I grew up, I realised I couldn’t continue eating like that if I didn’t want to fall asleep after each meal! (And at this point I will say I actively detested okra - oh my goodness, why did I have to eat those green, slimy things that just did not belong on my plate? Answer: if I didn’t eat them at dinner time, I’d see them again at breakfast!!) 
Now, where was I? 
As I grew up and led an active lifestyle, I was always acutely aware of the fact that I should be ‘eating my greens’. (Luckily, I wasn’t introduced to the wonders of alcoholic beverages until well into my adulthood, lol). Who doesn’t remember all the press surrounding the wonders of Slim Fast, the Rosemary Conley diet accompanied by fitness clubs like Holmes Place and Curves & Co extolling the virtues of healthy living, keeping fit and eating well? 
Fast forward into adulthood and being a wife and mother. Years of creating balanced meals, at least 5 days a week, started to take its toll. Into another lockdown, baking bread and creating dishes each and every day - no nipping to the great selection of local restaurants for a change - I’d finally had enough! As I scrolled through the virtual aisles doing the weekly shop, that circular dough topped with tomato paste and cheese lightbulb lit up. Why not have a pizza for a change? Just as a treat? 
Present day sees my virtual shopping list consisting of the mozzarella and garlic prawn speciality along with the stone baked vegan classic. Please someone, help me! 
Ok, Dorn, calm down (don't mind me, I'm just having a stern word with myself!) All is not lost. Only a 10 minute drive* from LMQ, the Route 66 food truck has a great selection of mouth-watering choices which, although not something I would succumb to every night of the week (hmmm, now there's a thought, lol), it's a welcome treat on a **Friday when they park up and serve the masses. Or, for something a little different, the Hungry Cow (https://www.thehungrycow53.com) a quality catering service, also have their food truck based out of Ernée on a Friday. So, that's me and mine sorted. Now, what to do for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... 
* Fougerolles du Plessis main town square. Pre-orders taken so ring before you set out. 
**At the time of release - due to curfew regulations, Route 66 are currently operating on a Saturday, midday until 6pm 
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