It's Earth Day and we thought we would share some tips of how to be a little greener in your lifestyle. Now, we are no experts and we have made a few adaptions over the years including using solar energy. Here are some ideas: 
Reduce water use: 
There are plenty of ways that you can reduce your water use including turning the shower off while you are shampooing your hair; turning the tap off while you are brushing your teeth; not spending too much time in the shower. Now, if you wanted to invest in being green you can get a low water flush toilet. 
Alternative energy sources: 
Using solar and/or wind energy can be a great way to not only be greener but reduce costs of energy too. This can be as small as having solar powered outdoor lights to as big as using solar panels on your property. Additionally, we have wood burners and an argan in our properties that warm the place without using extra energy. 
Shop sustainably and secondhand: 
There are stores that have sustainability at the forefront of their brand, they may have slightly higher priced items stocked but they could be made from recycled materials with a higher quality that they will last a lifetime instead of single-use items. For those on more of a budget, there is also the option to shop secondhand. In France, there are antique fayres often where you can find furniture and various items. There are also sites where you can purchase clothes and items secondhand including Vinted and Facebook marketplace. 
Reusable products: 
There are plenty of items you can invest in that would be a part of your everyday life that saves single-use products being utilised, including: coffee travel cups, water bottles, cutlery (wooden or travel metal ones) and metal straws. In the long run this can also save you money, in coffee shops you can sometimes get a discount when you use your own cup and tap water is free so carrying a water bottle with you means you can save buying a plastic water bottle. 
Which ways will you aim to be greener in celebration of Earth Day? 
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