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Every time I walk into my favourite room in Le Moulin - yes, most of you know it’s ‘Le Soleil’ - I’m still blown away by the size of this lovely bedroom suite. The bedroom suites here are not just big, “Spacious’, ‘Huge’ and ‘Massive’ are all words I could use but ‘Very, Very Big’ sums it up nicely. Thinking about it, rather than just put one kingsize bed and a double sofa bed in each of its 5 suites, we could so easily have fit another 6 kingsize beds in every room… each with its own lovely, cloud of memory foam mattress to envelope you to the dreamy depths of a wonderful night’s sleep. 
I love my bed. I love to sleep. Ahhhh. I know it takes me a while to get to bed; I always say I’m more of a night owl than an early bird. My other half yawns at 730pm and will immediately be preparing for bed, eventually succumbing a mere hour or so later! 


One occasion on what I consider to be one of my worse fatigue failures was when, after a full week of exercise classes, I got back after an early morning Saturday class, nipped to the shops to get some food for dinner then after getting home I thought “ I’ll just lie down for a little while” and I promptly fell fast asleep! 
Apparently my other half didn’t have the heart to wake me when he came upstairs wondering where I was an hour or so later to see if I wanted some lunch and so I didn’t ‘get up’ until gone 6pm! Epic fail! I console myself with the empty “oh, I must have been tired, I’d worked so hard all week” but that sounds a bit hollow to me.... I must admit though, it’s not as bad as the time I fell asleep at my own birthday party but that’s a whole other story... 


So, like I was saying, I love to sleep and I find I have my best ideas and musings in those moments just before I wake. Just last night I had several brilliant inspirations for my blog and newsletter, almost giving myself a metaphorical high five for being so imaginative.... but, as is my wont, could I pesky well remember what those brilliant inspirations were once I’d eventually dragged my weary butt out of bed? Could I heck!! I must still be tired, I’ll just put my head down for a while and I’m sure they’ll come back to me... Zzzzzz 
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